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CNC Turning
Turning is the process whereby a single point cutting tool is parallel to the surface

CNC Milling
CNC Milling is a verastile process that can make complex parts.

Kit Packaging
We specialze in kit packaging delivering high quality kits that meet the MIL-I-45208A standard.

Services Our Company Provides

In-House Manufacturing Services
Conquest Machine is a supplier to military, industrial and commercial customers with in house capabilities to manufacture customer parts, assemblies and kits to print. Our in house capabilities include but not limited to Multi-Axis CNC Milling and Turning, Kits, Assemblies, Welding, Brazing, Bonding, Riveting, Passivating, DFL and Painting, Gaskets and Rubber Molding. Conquest Machine has the in-house capability for Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle inspection utilizing visible and flourescent methods.

CNC Turning


About Conquest Machine CNC Turning

Turning is the process whereby a single point cutting tool is parallel to the surface. When turning, a piece of metal it is rotated and a cutting tool is traversed along 2 axes of motion to produce precise diameters and depths. Turning can be either on the outside of the cylinder or on the inside (also known as boring) to produce tubular components to various geometries. The turning processes are typically carried out on a lathe and can be of four different types such as straight turning, taper turning, profiling or external grooving. Those types of turning processes can produce various shapes such as straight, conical, curved, or grooved workpiece. In general, turning uses simple single-point cutting tools.

CNC Milling


About Conquest Machine Milling

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling is the most common form of CNC. Axes are labeled as x and y for horizontal movement, and z for vertical movement, as shown in this view of a manual mill table. This allows extra flexibility for machining with the end mill at an angle with respect to the table. CNC milling machines are traditionally programmed using a set of commands known as G-codes. G-codes represent specific CNC functions in alphanumeric format



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